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Sunday, 18 September 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness - September

Hi Folks,

Better late than never with GG. Before I start I just want to say I haven't forgotten about the giveaway. I'll keep it open until the end of the month as I'm a bit behind with my blogging (ME sucks, it really does) If you missed the post you can find it here Blogversary Giveaway.

On to GG...

It's been a dry old stitching month so all I have to show is the half done birth sampler for our Minister and his wife, (baby Miriam is now 6 weeks old) It's not difficult, I've just not been in the mood to stitch at all. I'm aiming to get it done this week as I have a birthday present to make for mid October.

So fingers crossed for a finish very soon. I'm going to get a frame this week in the hope that it will push me on a little more. 

Hope you're having a good weekend. 


Jo's Big Birthday Blog Hop.

It's Jo's Big Birthday Blog Hop!!

Jo at Serendipitous Stitching is celebrating her 50th birthday with a big blog hop. Click on the title at the top to go to Jo's blog where you can read the entries in order. this is what Jo has to say about 1985...

1985 - Jo was 19.  This was a year of massive changes for Jo.  She sat her 'A' levels in the June then got a summer job working in the bar at a local holiday camp.  She lived on site with her boyfriend and learned how to cook for herself when the takeaway was shut!  In October Jo started her first proper job as a Trainee Insurance Broker with Sedgwicks Marine Department in the nearby city of Norwich.  She earned the princely sum of £286 per month.

And now for me... 1985 was the year I turned 8. It was the year I went up to Junior school being taught by Mrs Hemsley, who drove a Morris Minor. I had already learnt to sew and had completed a long stitch of a fawn in a green frame. I still have it somewhere but after the trauma of (unsuccessfully) trying to find a photograph of me at Mum's yesterday (seriously, that woman could be on hoarders) I am not venturing into my garage for it. So I had a collar length brown bob which my mum turned under with the hot brush every Sunday evening. I called it the rounded pyramid. It wasn't my favourite hairstyle. Holidays were spent at my Grandparents in Surrey, who celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary that year with a big party. I wore a red dress and asked the DJ to play Paul McCartney's the Frog Chorus. It was met with murmurs of disdain, my defence was I was 8 and didn't discover Wham! until 1986. The year ended with my parents separating. 

So on to a picture that Jo would like...

It had to be a dragon with a cake! (Dragon Dreams with border designed by me.)

Happy birthday Jo! I hope it's been a fabulous one.

Thanks for hopping by, I'll be back later with a dismal attempt at a rather late GG post.


Thursday, 18 August 2016

Blogversary giveaway.

Hi everyone. 

Yesterday as I was writing my GG post I realised it was I my 5th Blogversary. (Thank you Facebook for reminding me) I must say my stitching style has changed a bit, I think mainly because I see such wonderful designs you all stitch that I must stitch too! Thank you to you all for visiting and all your lovely comments on all I do. 

So in the spirit of GG, as I've had some wonderful wins this year and to celebrate 
I've had a dig in my stash box and found 5 kits that 5 lucky followers can win. All you have to do is say which kit you would like to win and tell me what your favourite stitchy/crafty gift has been. (Mine was full set of DMC from hubby)

I'll draw the winners on 5th September. (A couple of boxes are a bit squished but the kits are all intact)

Prize 1

Tatty Teddy kit

Prize 2

Anchor Oriental bag kit

Prize 3
Anchor Wordsworth Cat bookmark

Prize 4
Blackwork Star

Prize 5
3 DMC mini kits

Good luck to you all and if I don't follow your blog, please leave a link and I'll visit!


Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Gifted Gorgeousness

Hello friends

GG time again, hosted by Jo at Serendopitous Stitching where we celebrate stitchy supplies gifted to us or stitching we will gift to others. It's been a pretty rubbish stitching month I must say, I've barely made progress on anything. 

First up is Plum Street Samplers 12 Days of Christmas. Day 5 is finished except for the 5 golden rings as I don't want to crush the metallic thread so I'll do that at the end. I've started day 6 too. So I'm using gifted threads from hubby. (And the chart was gifted by the designer)

I got out my small floor frame as I was finding my hands were aching holding a hoop. I have a larger floor frame which is great for big frames but not so much for hoops. My little one can hold both but doesn't maintain the position with heavier  work. 

I'm going to do this kit that I won in Sarah's giveaway earlier this year for one of the Minister's at church, his wife gave birth last week so it'll be perfect for them. If I can ever sort the threads! 

I've been lucky to win two other giveaways recently... Jo was very kind and sent me Elizabeth Shephard as she has finished hers and I won the sweetheart tree chart too in the GG giveaway. Mii hosted her Blogversary giveaway and I won the blackwork kit. Yay go me! 

It's my 5th Blogversary today (ignore my side bar - it's wrong!) so I'll be launching a giveaway later with the chance of winning one of 5 prizes! 


Monday, 8 August 2016

Jo's linky party

Hi Friends

So Jo at serendipitous stitching is hosting a summer linky party and this is what Jo has to say...

 The title is The Tenuous Shoe-Horn.  We all know how much I love to shoe-horn a project into a theme and there has been a degree of this with the Gifted Gorgeousness SAL too, all in good fun. All you have to do is make a post and link-up on that date, or very close to it, showing a stitched project with a tenuous link to the theme.

The Tenuous Shoe-Horn Party

So here is my summer entry...

I stitched this for our 10th anniversary. So summer brings long light evenings and they don't get much longer than my wedding anniversary which is on the longest day.

Summer seems to also mean Dragons, I've been back through my photos and I can find at least 7 that I've stitched in June.

You can't have summer without a trip to the beach although British summer's often lack sun!

I thought I'd throw in a bit of crochet as I made this blanket for a little girl born last July and I love the bright summer colours.

I've also been given some beautiful summer stitching - all from Steph for various summer swaps

So all in all not that tenuous, but definitely Summer!

Happy crafting friends.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Just one July - final post.


Just one July has been great fun and I'm really pleased with how I've progressed. Thank you to Justine for the idea and for the encouragement. 

Here's where I was up to from my last JOJ post. 

Here's how it's grown over the month...

9th July

17th July

25th July

I'm really pleased that I've hit my target. I've decided to leave all the French knots until it's finished so they don't get squashed or caught. I hit my target with 7 days to spare so carried on to see how much further I could get. 

31st July

5th August

That just leaves 2321 stitches to go! 

So 5th August sees the start of the Olympics in Rio (Go Team GB!!) and the wipocalypse challenge. I'll be working on these projects:

Check out the July wipocalypse post for details. (Sorry no link - it's really tricky to add links on my phone) Good luck to those competing in the  Wipocalypse Olympics too, I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on. 


Monday, 25 July 2016

Smalls SAL - July

Hey friends

Me again, smalls sal time, hosted by Heather at Stitching Lotus. 

Lots of small finishes since last month. I've shared most already so here's a quick recap. 

Travelling box makes

Laura's birthday makes

I still love those dragons and the love to create sign. 

So in to this month's smalls finish. Here are the butterfly cards all made up. 

They were from Crazy magazine with the green one being an extra requested by my daughter for her teacher. We gave them along with these fab little decorations made by my friend Clare who has a fab Etsy shop called Pretty Flamingo Designs.

Something that wasn't small at all but was amazing that I just had to share.  My eldest left primary school last week and one of the mum's made this rather marvellous cake. 

The figures at the front are all the teachers and they are a brilliant likeness. The pictures are all the kids that were in T's class. 

My August small will be one of my wipocalypse pieces, fingers crossed for a finish. 

Happy stitching friends